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What is an RIA anyways? Well HTML applications are state-less. Application servers maintain state by using cookies and session variables to keep track of users, but all the logic is on the server. So while a user is looking at a page in their browser, the application is unable to do anything until the user commits an action that sends data from the page back to the server for processing. The code processes the data, and generates resulting HTML that the browser loads back in. A simple example would be a report or search tool that queries a sales/CRM database based on various criteria from the user such as deal time frame, product group, and sales executive. The user enters these values, clicks on a submit button, and the browser goes blank while it waits for a response from the server and loads the resulting HTML which would be a tabular list of records that match the criteria

Many Web Designers And Developers Use Adobe Flash Or Adobe Flex To Build RIAs. Adobe Flash Is An Authoring Environment For Creating Rich, Interactive Content For The Web That Is Deployed Using Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flex Is A Cross-Platform Development Framework For Creating RIAs. Content Created With Flex Also Is Deployed Using Flash Player Or Adobe AIR. RIAs Created In Flex, Flash, And Even Ajax Can Be Taken To The Desktop Using The Adobe AIR Desktop Runtime